Dear all,

The media accreditation system for the final match of the Serbia Cup (Loznica, Tuesday, May 21, 8:15 p.m.) will be open from Friday, May 10 (12:00 noon) to Thursday, May 16 (12:00 noon). The owner of the TV and digital rights for this match is Arena Sport TV.

The accreditation requests shall be taken into account if sent from the email address of the editorial office (except for freelancers), to the email address [email protected] ([email protected] in cc) under the following conditions:

On the letterhead of the company (mandatory signature and stamp of the authorized person) – the name and surname of the reporter with a photo and the position at the stadium stated (print press, web press, web camera, TV press, TV camera, radio press, photo reporter).

All media that have online newsrooms and video production shall be considered as the „web“.

Televisions with national, cable or local frequency shall be considered as „TV“.

Please keep in mind that the capacity of the media stand, as well as the space provided for photo reporters is limited, so we will issue accreditations according to the principle: one media – one accreditation.

Unless you have not been notified otherwise by email, the accreditation has been approved.

Media from Belgrade can pick up their accreditations at the FSS media office, Terazije 3, eighth floor, on Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m.

Media that are not from Belgrade can pick up their accreditation upon arrival at the stadium at the accreditation center.

Media accreditations for this match, organized by the Football Association of Serbia, will be divided into four categories in accordance with UEFA regulations:

CATEGORY 1 – TV and digital rights holders – TV Arena Sport and FSS

CATEGORY 2 – media that do not own TV rights and this group includes print press, web press and camera, TV press and camera, radio press, freelance.

Everyone shall be positioned in the media section, the mix zone after the game, in the press conference room and in the space intended for media work and service.

IMPORTANT: Web and TV cameramen, i.e. all those who bring a camera into the stadium, are obliged to leave the camera before entrance to the media section of the stadium, in the hall on level 1 which has the sign „CONFERENCE HALL 2“. Before, during and after the game, it is not allowed to use the camera in any other part of the stadium (media section, stands for spectators, area where the media operate) except in the mix-zone and the press conference room.

Use of mobile phones – during the game, please does not use the content you create with mobile phones from the media stand in a way that could infringe the TV and digital rights of Arena Sport TV.

Work space and hospitality service space will be organized on level 1 where the media stand is located.


Stay on the field of play will be possible in designated areas and in the press conference room, as well as in the space provided for media operations. When changing positions on the field, passing by the benches for reserve players is not allowed. At the end of the game, we ask that, until you receive an invitation, you do not enter the field of play until the stage for the trophy and medal ceremony is set up, and adequate space for the work of photojournalists is provided accordingly.

Wearing the bibs is mandatory and it is necessary to return them immediately after the end of the game to the same place where you were provided with them. When picking up a bib, it is necessary to show a professional ID for inspection.

Entry without a camera is prohibited. Photos cannot be taken with mobile phones. Recording (video material) is prohibited.

Work area and service area will be organized on level –1 near the exit to the field.

CATEGORY 4 – finalist clubs, as well as the media service of the Football Association of Serbia.


The entrance for category 2, 3 and 4 media is located in the northwest stand of the stadium. An accreditation center will also be set up on the same location. Please follow the signage as well as the instructions of the hostesses and stewards for movement and stay inside the stadium according to the categorization. The mix-zone and the press room are located on level –1.

Media that are not TV and digital right holders will be allowed to enter the stadium 2 hours before the start of the match.

Please respect all of the above so that, as in the past, we do not have unpleasant situations that would lead to the withdrawal of accreditations. In case of any doubts, you may send an email with a query to [email protected]

Best regards