Friday, 05.02.2016

Statement of Mr Tomislav Karadžić, President of the FA of Serbia

On the subject of Gianni Infantino's candidature for the FIFA President, Mr Tomislav Karadžić, President of the Football Association of Serbia stated the following for the official website of our organisation:

"FA of Serbia is one of five European national associations that started the initiative for Gianni Infantino to be proposed for the FIFA President. I deeply believe that is an adequate proof about our plans, and says it all about importance we have in the mission for the current UEFA General Secretary to be chosen as the leading man of the world's football. With his professional, expert and long-time work, Infantino put himself forward as a modern football person of great quality, absolutely ready to take the highest position in the most popular world sport. Because of the all above, FA of Serbia strongly supports the belief that Gianni Infantino is the best candidate for the FIFA President.