Thursday, 21.06.2018


With reference to an important match our team plays against Switzerland on Friday, 22nd June, we kindly ask all those supporters whose heart is ticking for our best national team's success at FIFA World Cup in Russia to support in fair play manner and in accordance with rules that do not violate dignity of the game of football.

Due to high risk of the match with the Switzerland team, we kindly ask the supporters to ensure they comply with guidelines and information given by the tournament host that has been especially supportive and very respectful to our supporters from the very first day of the World Cup. It is a reason more to respond to the brotherly people of Russia in the same way, and thus contribute to their efforts for the Mundial in Russia to be the best organised tournament so far. Due to all above stated, we ask our supporters not to take to the stadium banners with offensive messages that could offend anyone's integrity, namely to have with them only official FA of Serbia fans' equipment and flags of the Republic of Serbia. Let us all be united as our players are on the pitch, do not respond to eventual provocations and show to the world that we are the people that do not abuse this game for political or any other purposes. Let it be for Serbia and because of Serbia. For the success we have all been longing for! See you in Kaliningrad!