Serbia is meeting Scotland and looking for a great chance to qualify to the European Championship after 20 years. Tension is rising, as well as positive stage fright, expectations are great and right before the match (Thursday, 20:45 hrs) the whole nation will watch, “Eagles” head-coach Ljubiša Tumbaković talked to the press, together with one of the greatest masters in the team, player Dušan Tadić.

Let’s go straight to the questions for the head-coach. The team is ready, and the head-coach says that this is probably the most important match in his career. Are Kolarov, Kostić, Rajković and Ristić absolutely ready?

“Luckily for us, they are all ready and cannot wait for the match to start.”

Do the team players feel unity and fans support?

“I’d like it is so, and that is my wish. As I said before, I want to get people closer to the national team and vice versa. Their support means a lot to us.”

Is there a doubt about the first 11?

“No doubt.”

Does Serbia have a secret weapon? A lot of people say that Aleksandar Mitrović is the trump card “Eagles” have in this match with difficult Scotts?

“I don’t know if there’s a trump card, bit we have players on the team that can get to a good result. Mitrović is not the only one scoring goals. We have a group of players ready to score in any moment. I wouldn’t call them trump cards.”

Is this going to be a war on tactics or Serbia will start offensively?

“In preparation, every match is a great deal of tactics. We have been observing Scotland for a long time now and we would like to have the match under control.”

Are you relieved that Nikola Milenković is with the team?

“He’s a regular national team player, ever since my arrival to the team. He has always been here. He is a great asset. I am very pleased, yes. A weight was lifted off of me when he came.”

Is this the most important match in your career?

“Probably, at my age. Every next match is the most important, and this one has that dimension, it really looks like it is the most important. I played the Cup finals and or the last match that was decisive for the league championship. But in this situation, it looks like this is the most important match to me.”

What will you tell the players before they go to the pitch?

“It’s our personal thing. A lot of motivational stuff, some things we say to each other before the match”, concluded Tumbaković.