No luck for Serbia in the European Championship play-off qualifier. After great contest and 120 minutes of the game, penalty roulette was on the Scottish side – 1:1 (0:0) – 4:5.

The very beginning of the match was pretty aloof, Scotland seemed to be without ambition to only defend, but mostly it was a game between two penalty areas. A bit of a surprise was that Scottish team had greater ball possession after 15 minutes of the game; they seemed much more aggressive.

Such an approach brought them advantage in entering minutes of the second half when Christie won over Rajković. In the last moments of the match, Luka Jović brought us back hope that we could be one of the EURO participants.

There was extra time, but no winner. Penalty kicks were to decide the EURO qualification. Aleksandar Mitrović missed his chance in the last series, goalkeeper Marshall read his intention and Scotland qualified for the European Championship.