The day after the draw in Doha, the delegation of the Football Association of Serbia, led by the coach Dragan Stojković, visited the base camp where our national team will be accommodated during the World Cup.

Hotel Rixos Gulf is in the final phase of construction, but it is already clear that the Eagles will have ideal conditions for work and preparation, i.e., that they will be preparing for matches against Brazil, Switzerland, and Cameroon in a great atmosphere.

The camp is in an ideal location, not far from the old town and right next to the 974 stadia, where Tadic and his friends will compete with Switzerland in the last round of Group G.

After visiting the hotel complex, selector Stojković presented his first impressions for the FSS website:

“As you can see from these shots, our base will be 200 meters from the stadium, which is a phenomenal thing. Ok, for the first game against Brazil, we will have to travel 45 minutes by bus, but we can walk to the third match against Switzerland. The works are in progress, they will be completed in July, and the official opening of the complex is already in September. Congratulations to the members of the delegation of the Football Association of Serbia who were here in Doha two months ago and chose the perfect location to accommodate our national team during the World Cup. Now we have visited all the rooms, some are already finished, some are in the final phase. We will have the maximum conditions to prepare in peace for everything that awaits us in November and December. First, for these first three games against Brazil, Cameroon, and Switzerland. Players will certainly not be bored, I asked people who take care of that to include some billiard tables, table tennis and similar activities. The content is very interesting, we will have everything we need to relax between training sessions and matches and peacefully meet any possible challenge that may be. I think the players will be satisfied, and that is the most important thing. The rooms are comfortable, we have a meeting room, a large pool in front of the hotel and the entire complex will be reserved exclusively for our national team, “said the Serbian coach.