President of the Football Association of Serbia Slaviša Kokeza presented the highest recognition of our football organization to the first man of the European Football Union (UEFA), Mr. Aleksander Čeferin. A great friend of Serbian football and President Slaviša Kokeza thanked for the recognition and congratulated the Football Association of Serbia on its golden jubilee.

–  Dear friends, I am very excited to be marking 100 years of the Football Association of Serbia with you. Serbia has always been a land of football, sports and great players, a land of great emotions, an inexhaustible nursery of talents. There is no football country in the World that tdoes not know your players and coaches. You have always been known for football virtuosos. At the beginning of the 20th century, clubs such as Bačka, Šumadija.. laid the foundation of football in this region. Of course, no story is complete without the clubs Partizan and Crvena Zvezda, the latter being the finalist and winner of European Cup. The passion of the derby between them has far surpassed the borders of the country. Only the true footballing nations have a derby like yours. There can be no development of football without the well organized Association. I cannot mention everyone, but I will take the opportunity to commend Slaviša Kokeza and Tomislav Karadžić for everything they have done, and of course, Zoran Laković, my associate in UEFA. Rest assured that you have a good ambassador in Switzerland. I would also like to mention all the players who spread the glory of football, however it would take me a hundred years for something like that. Therefore I will mention a few names, I hope noone will mind.. Moša and Tirke, Rajko and Stjepan Bobek, Bora Kostić, Šekularac, Vasović, Milutinović, Ćurković, Džajić, Pižon Petrović, Piksi Stojković, Mihajlović, Jugović, Stanković, Vidić, Ivanović, Kolarov, Matić,Tadić… then the big names in coaching…Vujadin Boškov, Miljan Miljanić, Radomir Antić…The results are a story of its own. Not too long ago, you were the youth Champions of Europe and of the World. However you are long missing one competition. And it is the European Championship. And, as the UEFA President I say to you – we are waiting for you. You have the knowledge, you need the luck too, but the fortune favors the brave. There is a play-off ahead of you, and I wish you to succeed. Happy anniversary and long live Serbian football – said UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin, who presented a speciall recognition of UEFA to FSS President Slaviša Kokeza.