The players started today’s training session in the house of the Serbian national football team wearing T-shirts with the message “Stop violence against women”, along with the complete Technical Staff of the A National team. This is also the last activity in a series of activities carried out by Coordination Body for Gender Equality and “Mozzart” Company as part of raising awareness about the problem of violence against women.

“We are witnessing violence against women and girls almost every day. This is a problem that affects the whole society, whether it is physical or psychological violence, sexual harassment and abuse. In addition to the Institutions of the Country that are there to do their job, it is important that we all get more involved. I am glad that the players of our National Team  recognized the significance of this campaign and got involved in raising public awareness about violence that is not someone’s problem in four walls and that we must not close our eyes, that no one has the right to beat or kill a woman just because she is a woman and that all of us, as a society will condemn the perpetrator”, said the Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Coordination Body, Prof. Dr. Zorana Mihajlovic.

More than 600 athletes, so far, have joined the Coordination Body for Gender Equality and the “Mozzart” company in the action “Stop Violence against Women” – the entire Serbian sport, has started one round of the national championship with sending such a strong message. The Football Association of Serbia has found a way for the A national team, despite the strict working conditions and a maximum isolation, due to the protection measures against the COVID-19, to point out the problem of the family violence, as well as to appeal that the violence is not allowed and that it needs to be reported.

“I have the impression that the violence against women is a big global problem and I really think that it is extremely important to talk about this topic as loudly as possible. I am glad, and it is a great honour for me and also the other guys, that we are part of these activities. Unfortunately, you can read about this type of violence in the media almost every day, and these are terrible things that we must all fight against, together as a society. I hope that we’ll make an appropriate contribution in any way we can. We appeal to everyone who knows that the violence exists to report it to the competent authorities – said Dušan Tadić, the member of the Serbian National Team and a deputy captain.