Dragan Stojković kept the promise he made when he took over the National Team. Serbia is back among the best national teams of the world, and it will be a participant of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar! The Eagles achieved a historic triumph in Lisbon, managed to defeat Portugal, the former European champion and winner of the UEFA Nations League, and thus qualify to the World Cup.

“Based on everything shown, we deserved to win”, Serbia Head-Coach Dragan Stojković calmly stated after the match at a Luz. “The boys played a competitive match, deeply believing they could win. Regardless the fact we played against one of the best teams, for me, Portugal is practically the European champion. This is a great success for Serbia and our football. Congratulations to all.”

The Eagles won 2:1, with a twist, a goal scored by Aleksandar Mitrović in the last minute of the match, at the stadium of the opponent team that lost their last qualifier before their own supporters seven years ago.

“We knew the match in Lisbon would be the finals. And that is what has happened. We showed mental strength, tactical maturity, discipline, commitment and respect for all the principles we requested. That’s why Serbia is proud. Nothing would have changed if we had tied. Serbia deserves to celebrate.”

And now – the World Cup. To qualify to the knockout phase, maybe to reach quarterfinals, and maybe even a step further.

“I think we have no limit. After this, we will analyze, bit everything was done perfectly, we entered the finish of the qualifications with the same number of points, and this match showed which team was better. It turned out we were better. We have potential for far greater things”, stated the Serbian Head-Coach.