Since its foundation in October 2002, the Coaches' School of the Football Association of Serbia has become the institution which cares for the profession and education of coaches for all age categories of football players. This professional educational institution of the Serbian football performs the education according to the unique program of UEFA - Jira program.

The Serbian Football Association was granted the permission and certificate to educate coaches according to the Jira program and issue three coaching licenses: "B", "A" and "Pro" license. Each of these licenses allows the licensee to work in football with certain categories. "B" license educates the coaches for work with youth selections, "A" license is for the work with seniors in the amateur football, and "Pro" license is for work in a professional football.

The FSS Coaches School, throughout its history, has experienced several transformations. It was founded in 2002, at the time of the state of Serbia and Montenegro, and now it works independently and successfully educates the coaches in Serbia. The first two years it worked together with the Superior School for Coaches but this co-operation was terminated after two years. Since 2004 it has been working independently, in accordance with instructions and under supervision of UEFA.

In October 2002 the FSS Coaches School started educating the first group of students for the "B" license under the mentorship of UEFA. Since 17 October 2003, the FSS Coaches School independently educates issues licenses and diplomas to the successful students for the "B" license. This means that the Serbian coaches were educated according to the unique system of UEFA programs.

Immediately upon completion of the first class for the B license, the School organized the lectures for the students for the "A" license. The first group of coaches started with classes on 16 November 2003, with the mentorship supervision of dr Zdenek Sivek (Czech Republic). After this course was successfully completed, the School received the permission to independently issue "A" licenses.

The issuing of B and A licenses was the incentive to send 22 domestic coaches as of June 2005 to education according to the program of the professional license, valid throughout the Europe. The first mentor for the PRO license was dr Jozef Vengloš from Chezh Republic. After hard and successful work, on 4 October 2006 the first professional licenses were issued in our country, as full member of the Jira Panel.

After completion of courses for all three licenses, the FSS Coaches' School has been proclaimed the best institution of its kind in the region, and ranked among the most successful in Europe.

Several prominent national and international experts greatly contributed to the successful work of the FSS Coaches' School. Of foreign experts, the students could benefit from lectures of the coach of the World Champion - Italy Marcello Lippi, Juventus FC coach Mr Alberto Zacheroni, former head-coach of the Serbian national Team Mr Javier Clemente, director of Italian coaches' school Mr Franco Ferrari, then Jaime Beuzo (Spain), Jose Luis Serrano (Spain), fitness expert Mr Valter Di Salvio (Italy), former coach of FK Partizan Jurgen Weber (Germany), former coach of FJ Crvena Zvezda Valter Zenga, Roberto Mancini (Italy), Viktor Selijanov (Russia), Ivan Vucov (Bulgaria), Jozef Vengloš (Czech Republic), Francisco Bujo (Spain) - to name a few.

Serbian coaches also held well-received lectures: Milovan Đorić, Ljupko Petrović, Slobodan Santrač, Milorad Kosanović, Slobodan Pavković, Dejan Ilić, Milan Živadinović, Ljubiša Tumbaković, Dimitrije Davidović, Tomislav Sivić and Siniša Mihajlović.

The Coaches' School gained a notable reputation in a very short period of time because, apart from the theory, great importance was given to the practical work. At the same time the students can gain general knowledge from other scientific disciplines - physiology, sports sociology, anatomy, pedagogy, psychology, sports medicine, computer science, Laws of the Game...

Significant contribution to the development of coaching school - besides the individual experts and scientific institutions, is being given by the Belgrade football clubs Crvena zvezda, Partizan, Rad and others, as well football clubs Inđija and Mladost from Lučani, because they are allowing the use, free of charge, of their fields of play for the practical sessions.

The foundation for such work of the Coaching school was laid by its long-time director Milovan Đorić. He gathered top foreign and domestic coaches, chose the guests and contributed a lot to the good reputation of the School in professional and academic circles who are involved in football and sports in general.

Dušan Savić, his successor, follows the same steps, which is a guarantee that the FSS Coaches' School will continue to be an important institution for professional education of coaches in Serbia.