FA Of Serbia

Podela saveza

The complete activities in the sport of football at the territory of the FA of Serbia are being performed with total of:


• 2.482 registered football clubs
• 4.368 various age categories' teams within the clubs
• 365 leagues with competitions
• 146.845 registered players
• 4.901 football coaches with diplomas
• 4.032 referees
• 1.146 members of medical personnel who work in the clubs

Besides these, there also are over a thousand of various different selections and teams in the children's, school football and futsal, which are note registered with the Ministry for Education and Sports. These activities are being pursued, and managed through different competition levels:

• Municipal football associations: 102
• District football associations: 17
• County football associations: 8
• City football associations: 5
• Regional football associations 2
• Provinces football associations: 2 and their work is being consolidated by the Football Association, which is implementing the established policy of the football development.